Crush on Nature creates meter-high collages

with wildflowers between glass


'Floating Nature'

 - Floating Nature walls -

Tall collages of wild plants, bring nature into the office.

Creating an inspiring interior to concentrate better, feel more relaxed, and be inspired.

In made to measure windows or integrated in a standard wall.

Studio WAE Showroom

for circular projects Bunnik-NL

Floating Nature panel with high-moor plants for the traveling installation 'Possible Landscapes de Peel'
by Biobased Creations.
Next presentation:
09-06-2023 Beatrix theater Utrecht

MVO Nederland - Dag voor DoenDenkers  

100 % circular design

The collages are created with annual plants,

collected with care and never too many.

 - Floating Nature panels -

Floating Nature collages from wild plants, preferably collected in

the surroundings of the project.


The wall panels are made with pré used safety glass, 100 % circular.

 - Floating Fern -

In collaboration with a German glass specialist, Crush on Nature developed a method of melting real leaves in glass panels.
The 'Floating Fern' is a high-end feature to add nature to an interior.

This fern grows naturally on rocks around waterfalls. The tiny, airy leaves make a poëtic touch of nature
No wonder the 'Floating Fern' matches beautifully in a bathroom or wellness with a nature-based décor.

 - Digital Nature -

Crush on Nature has collected an extensive herbarium over the years.
Of mainly local wild plants, but also a section of peculiar flowers and
an enormous collection of shapes in leaves, roots, twigs, and berries.
A large part is now digitalized in high resolution.


Crush on Nature creates bespoke digital collages from tiny to meter-high.
Those can be applied to various materials: sheet material, ceramic (tiles),
textile, corian, glass, wallpaper etc.


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