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Herbarium Collages for the 5th floor

Crush on Nature created compositions with wild plants for the 5th floor of the Sanders Building.
At Erasmus University Rotterdam, dep. of Law.

The wild plants, that fill the glass panels, were found around the campus. In places where we consider those wild plants 'weeds': around the parking lot and along footpaths. Now they adorn the sleek design with the soft shapes of nature. Creating a workspace in which the soothing qualities of nature surround you.

The result is not only an intriguing interior but also questions how we, generally speaking, perceive nature. Crush on Nature wants to share the vision that nature can be found everywhere, you do not need to go far. When you come to see the smallest details, there is a whole natural world to be discovered on your doorstep.

This project, by the choice of glass and mounting methods, is according to the directive of Circular Building

Sanders Building

Campus Woudenstein
Faculty of Law
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Architect                                                Low rise building by Quist Wintermans Architecten (1987)
Architect Transformation            Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists (2017)
Interior Architect                             Hans Fransen

The guiding principle in materializing this interior was to re-use the materials from the former design.
Window frames were made into tabletops, doors became work tables, and the seats of old chairs
were re-used in the new design.

Large collages of wild plants, really fit this idea. Loosely hung in between two glass planes of glass, and hardly any materials added, this technique fully meets the principles of Circular Building.

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