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Crush on Nature gilds, especially on order, a beautiful Ginkgo Biloba leaf.
a gift for yourself, or have it sent to someone you love!

For this leaf, covered all around in 23 kt gold, sent in sturdy packaging, I have a special proposal:

______________________you may determine the value yourself________________________

Fortunately, it doesn't apply to everyone, but many of us have found ourselves in a new situation, involving projects stalled
and customers stay home for a while. I invite you to appreciate it from your heart and according to your ability.

Ginkgo biloba leaf from the Crush on Nature herbarium
hand gilded with 23 ct leaf gold
leaf (ex leafstalk) approx. 40 x 40 mm
on a red silk thread


to the given address (in or outside NL)
send in a sturdy package
on request in gift wrap
send within 3 working days

You can make your transfer to:


attn. Crush on Nature
NL70 TRIO 0788936638

stating name and address where the package can be sent to

You can send the postal address to info@crush-on-nature.nl
with reference to your payment