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Wild plant collages in between glass. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Law
2018, interior design Hans Fransen, photo's Ilse Bakker

Nature brings peace of mind. By taking in the structures, subtle colours and beautiful shapes, these wild plants simply increases your mental wellbeing and will take you instantely to another world. While emptying your mind from stressful thoughts, nature brings new inspiration.

Crush on Nature brings the treasures of nature inside your office, hotel, or living room, making stunning places with meaning. In a new interiors, but also in existing spaces.

Private commissions
Real plants melted in glass

In some cases, the plants are better applied in a digital technique. Still exclusive and in very high quality, preserving all the stunning details.

Objet d 'art in glass and mirrorglass. With unique compositions of true wild plants. From elegant desktop objects, to large, wall filling pieces.