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Crush on Nature developed several techniques to create glass walls with mesmerizing plants inside.
From truly melting the plant in glass, to a loosely hung collage between two glass planes. Whether it is to vivify an office with large panels with expressive collages. Or an exclusive wellness location where you need to meet the highest standards in perfection and durability. Crush on Nature haS over 10 years of experience in perpetuating nature in glass.

Highlighted project:   Erasmus University Rotterdam Faculty Law
Sanders Building / Architect: Jo Coenen Architect & Urbanist / Interior architect: Hans Fransen

The fine details and subtle colours of the plants not only add a natural softness to the workspace, but they also tell an important story: Nature is closer than you think.

Crush on Nature likes to work with local wild plants, also referred to as weeds. After the meticulous drying process and careful positioning in between the glass panels, these ordinary plants are very expressive. Showing off their beauty and amazing the employees when they learn that these plants can all be found just outside the door.

The collages of plants hang loosely in between two glass planes of a standard glass partition-wall. With the plants collected from the area and no materials added, this technique fully meets the principles of Circular Building.

Erasmus University office partition wall glass with wild plants circular building

Soft fern melted in glass

exclusive interior panel with poppy flowers bespoke glass interior objects with nature

Bespoke compositions melted in glass