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Soft green fern leaves are naturally at home
in surroundings with water

This soft, green, fern leaf is very compelling in a bathroom, (home) spa or wellness area. Creating an airy, natural feel makes it really go well in a sleek and subtle coloured design. But it also works magic in a design with a lot of natural, dark materials.
When lit from the back, especially combined with etched or coloured glass, the leaves make a poetic and mystical wall panel.
The leaves are laid by hand, according to an approved plan. Making sure that the glass fits flawlessly in the design. As well as to provide masking where wanted.

The fern is melted between two planes of glass in a water- and air-tight manner. The types of glass can vary in colour, design, and technical specifications.

Contact Crush on Nature to discuss the possibilities in your design.

Transparent, toughened glass

Coloured, frosted glass, with backlighting

Fern leaves on decorated, Italian glass