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It is a circulair design

When Crush on Nature fills double glass walls with collages from wild plants. The plants are only temporarily borrowed from their natural habitat.
After collecting and drying, the plants are assembled into large collages, which are placed between two planes of glass. Or on a (glass) wall covered
by a plane of glass. When the interior is remodeled, the plants can be returned to nature. There are no additives added in this design so the plants
can turn to compost and return to the cycle of life, as food for new wild plants. Some plant seeds will even stay germinative for many years so young
seedlings might pop up again.


The mission of Crush on Nature is to share a fascination for wild weeds.
Wild plants deserve to be treasured, they are not only beautiful but of vital importance. For insects, the soil, all animals, and for us. As an indispensable link to the natural phenomena that make our world.

In a new context, the intriguing shapes, colours, and structures of the weeds really stand out. By expressing the wild plant collages between glass, the plants will amaze with their beauty and delicacy. Not often do viewers realize these are the same weeds that we neglect when outside. Crush on Nature inspires to have a good look around in the built environment of the city. Your surroundings appear to be much more natural than you first thought.


For an existing location Crush on Nature will collect the wild plants in the vicinity. They are carefully dried in the studio and created into mesmerizing collages. The collages can be placed in front of an existing wall or glass wall, adding an extra plane of (acrylic) glass to cover.

Crush on Nature collaborates with companies installing regular partition walls. After the first glass plane has been placed, Crush on Nature will fix the collages, whereafter the glass company can close the wall with the second glass plane.

For a new building Crush on Nature can collect the plants on the building site before construction has started. The wild weeds, that have to make room for the new building,
can adorn the interior as an eye-catching collage.


Crush on Nature likes to involve the employees in the process of transforming weeds into a meaningful interior. With an inspiring presentation about the project, or even go as far as really hands-on participating in the process of creating. While selecting and collecting the plants, Crush on Nature will share an abundance of knowledge about wild plants. The scientific and symbolic meaning of the name, the various applications in the old days. And its importance for the environment.