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Crush on Nature creates glass walls and delicate objects with flowers, leaves, and roots. The dried plants are fascinating in a new context: creating mesmerizing, biophilic
interior elements. Inviting you to make a connection to your natural surroundings.

Wild plants are collected around the harbours of Rotterdam where the studio is based. Or we collect them at your location!
Beautiful wild plants -weeds- can be found everywhere.....if you've got an eye for them. The poetic collages of wild plants by Crush on Nature will help you develop that eye. You will look at a field of wild plants in a new way.


A conversation piece with wild Redshank

Like a lagune in which you see the seagrass moving by the tide. Inspired by this underwater world, Crush on Nature created this object, especially for an exclusive nautical event.

Here, where the attention to wild weeds may not be logical, the impact is even more. Redshank is a common wild plant, a beautiful part of our natural environment. Often seen in cities and built areas, but considered a weed.
The object is seducing with its beauty and brings attention to this common weed. The goal of Crush on Nature: conservation starts with appreciation. We need to take care of our natural environment, also at a small scale in our cities.
Objet d'art, part of the presentation of Leerdam projecten in Monaco, september 2021.

Persicaria maculosa in bio resin, 350 x 320 x 190 mm


Circular Design

Since 1th of Februari 2022, Crush on Nature is a member of digital platform:

the substitute

The place to find your materials and designers for circular building.


The Studio of Crush on Nature is situated at the former Quarantine complex in the Rotterdam harbour.

Welcome by appointment. Situated just off the ring road, or, take a fast water taxi from the city center, it brings you in just 10 minutes to the studio.

Delivering a beautiful panel

For a Monaco-based interior architect, Crush on Nature created a glass panel with fern leaves.
This will be placed in the head office of a worldwide organization in Geneva.

Strijp-S Eindhoven

This panel, with wild weeds between glass, serves as a backdrop at The New Block studio. Located in the creative heart of the city of Eindhoven. Interviews, talks, and events about the environment and circular economy are recorded here.


This sample, of soft elegant fern inside glass, is made for creators of beautiful Yacht interiors.

crush on nature creating

The look of sheer concentration. Creating a collage of fern leaves.

triton tour

This 50 mtr. Yacht by Heesen Shipyard is styled with works of Crush on Nature.